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Crystal Ursid

The powerful Geode Ursid lives on the planet Cryllisia, where bare, dry land dominates most of the world. These giants make their homes in large dens under masses of crystal deposits, sleeping for most of their lives, save for when they are hunting. They are carnivorous, and chase after small herds of crystal eating Yarkbeeks. Ursid dens are highly radioactive and deter Yarkbeeks, so the animals must travel long distances to hunt.

Geode Ursids, unable to survive daylight temperatures, become active at night, when the temperature drops to a comfy -137 degrees Celsius for 40 hours at a time. While hunting, Geode Ursids use their glowing backs as camoflauge to hide among the crystal environment. They dig themselves up to their shells and wait for unsuspecting herds of Yarkbeek to approach before striking out with their large tusks, impaling herd members who are too slow to react.